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Building Your On-page SEO Framework

IN: SEO/Google|Web Design and usability

Search Engine Optimization/SEO is the process of creating new web pages or editing/modifying existing ones so that they rank higher in search results for keywords which are supposed to carry relevant traffic/visitors for the given pages. There are various aspects of improving web pages including –

  • Accessibility – Your website has to be accessible to search engines as well as human visitors. There should be no 404 errors (page not found) or dead links. Make sure search engine spiders are given access to the pages intended to rank in the search results. Adhere to search engine quality guidelines. All technical and coding issues are covered under this step.
  • Visual appeal (Look and Feel) – The overall look of the website has to be eye catching. The use of colors, design layout, choice of font, variety in font size, and use of graphics etc. should be paid close attention to. Pages have to look balanced and various sections must be highlighted in order of their importance. If needed hire an SEO-friendly website design company.
  • Conveying your business message – In addition to a website being visually attractive, it should be able to convey its business message very explicitly. If a website is about tips for managing money, it has to represent that idea in its theme. You may think of a single word that carries the essence your business theme while ensuring that design also reflects the same. The word should be fitting enough to be thought of generally, if someone were to take a glimpse of your website. The use of colors and graphics must be appropriate to that theme.
  • Usefulness – Your website must offer some value to the visitors. It could be the wealth of textual information on your website. Content is considered most important in SEO. Make sure your text copy is original, unique and rich in information. If a visitor lands at your website, he must find it useful or at least relevant to what he intends to look for. You can use this opportunity to generate further interest in your products or services and prompt the visitors to go further in the sales cycle. You might want to hire professional SEO copy-writing services to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • User friendliness – It refers to making visitors stay on your website a pleasant one. You can do a number of things to improve their experience viz. structuring your website/content logically , web pages must load almost immediately, navigational easiness, a good feedback mechanism, proving tools to share the information with relevant people, and making most of things self explanatory. Remember: the visitors have limited time, search engines have limited bandwidth and so have you.
  • Call to action – This is your chance to tell them about your products or services and sell them. However, you must do it at the right time and in the right way. It is said that graphics convey a message better than words so use any graphics wisely. Think of the questions/doubts which can prevent visitors to become clients and answer some of those questions beforehand. Ask for the relevant information from the visitors while assuring them of the security and privacy of their personal information. If possible, offer live online support for addressing the important questions/doubts immediately.
  • Trustworthiness – This could prove to be the last nail in the coffin. It’s all about generating trust for your product and services, and building your reputation in the business you operate in. You can do this by being transparent in your working, providing links to your policies, sharing your past client experiences and case studies with the visitors. Any awards and accolades received can also be shared at this point.

Overall, the above mentioned key points may significantly help you to build your On-page SEO/Search Engine Optimization framework more robust and subsequently attract more visitors by helping you cater to their intended search topics.