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10 Good Tips on E-commerce

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There has been serious boom in online sales in recent years, and if you are running a business of any kind, its time for you to push it online. Making and maintaining your own E-commerce web site might be tedious, but the results are rewarding. Once you have your web site setup, you can start off with small improvements to complex ones and gradually you will see a perfect e-commerce web site matching your business requirements. Let’s see these 10 tips which will help you optimize your e-commerce web site:

1. Design it for Every User

E-commerce Tips

E-commerce Tips

There are varieties in users who will visit your web site and you may not know which stage they belong to in the whole purchasing process. While some of them might be collecting information on your web site for future purchase, some may be looking for an instant purchase. So keeping these factors in mind, you need to design it so that it acknowledges requirements of every customer.

2. Utilize Compelling Copy

The customers are on a hunt when they are looking for their product on e-commerce web site. If they do not find what they are looking for, the search for their product goes off track. If the keyword research is displaying top web sites endorsing “Headlight assembly kits”, you must ensure the similar page on your web site has this same keyword.

3. Exclamatory Headings

The heading on a web page is what attracts the user and push them to read first few lines of your web page. If it’s not likable, you are going to lose a potential customer. Use short yet revealing detailed information headings rather than long one which will make anyone sleepy.

4. Use Good Calls to Action

Give a reason to your user to click on something you would like them to. For example, “Click here to find lowest prices on health magazine” is more convincing than “Click here” or “Proceed here”.

5. Pasting Product Images from Every Angle

If you visiting a local store to buy a cell phone, you would like to take it in hand, feel and see it from every angle. Likewise, customer expects and loves to see images of their product they want to buy on your web site. Its always a good idea to upload multiple images of same product may be in different environment.

6. Give Option to Read and Write Reviews

Maximum users buy their product from the web site which allows them to go through the reviews and write one, a bad or good one. Don’t worry about a bad review, study shows that it proves to a user that the product is for sure real and the product has a little flaw. While you also have advantage to take off a product from your web site if it is getting a trail of bad reviews.

7. Giving Them an Overview of the Checkout Process

It’s satisfying for a user to see a small pictorial view of the entire checkout process when they are going to buy it. It tells them which stage they stand and how many steps they need to complete to get what they wanted. Please do not try to sell a product while they are in-between the checkout process, its distracting and you might lose a sale.

8. Be Simple on Forms

Make a form which is neat and clean rather than asking a user to input information that is not necessary at all. You can keep these points in mind while making one for you:

  • Your form should ask only for required information strictly.
  • Tell them that their data is in safe hands.
  • Use explanatory buttons like, “Continue to Billing” instead of “Submit”.
  • Display clear error messages explaining about the incomplete or incorrect fields.

9. Providing Support Options

Even before a customer purchases anything from your web site, he would look for various support options available with that product. One phone number for all will give confidence to your customer. Mentioning information about privacy, return policy, shipping details will assure they are buying a genuine product.

10. Perform Repeated Test

Gone are those days when testing used to be expensive, today tools like Google’s Web site Optimizer or SEO Analysis services can help you running a test on website in one hour. Jot down points on paper which you are concerned about and which you think need to be improved. Test your web site on those points, and according to results, repeat the cycle again.

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