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5 Great Ideas for Link Building

IN: Link Building

Evolving up with link building plans could be challenging as it requires research, creativity or may be something entirely new. Here are some ideas that could boost your business outputs. I will be discussing here some of the strategies which are based on solving customer issues which is the most important and basic element in link building. It’s odd that few people still miss on this part which is the core part as I mentioned in link building ideas. Below listed are five simple techniques that you can take up to get your business on the right way.

Keyword Research

Find the right keyword research tool for you and try to locate the most common words and phrases online that customers are using to get answers to their questions. Examples could be, “how to”, Best practices” or “10 best ideas”. Use these phrases to build an excellent link plan for your web site and get access to those potential customers you always wanted. It’s simple because you need to have articles or topics covering those keywords which everyone is hunting for online. But remember to keep yourself update all the time, the keywords customer is searching would change by time and so would your strategies.

Talk to Your Customers

Stand up and walk up to your customers and find what they are looking for, try finding their challenges. You can make a phone call to achieve same, take feedback through survey, take help from online forums and even reaching up to their desk and talk one-on-one. Try to include open ended queries which will give detail information about their insight.

Meet your company personnel

Why look all around when you have information right there. Speak to your office staff, from sales people to customer service agents, they are the people who interact with customer more frequently and know them more than anyone else. You can also ask your company’s customer service help desk to keep track of customer’s voice.

Explore Online Forums and Media Web Sites

Take time out and read those blogs and your industry related news web site. This will keep you posted on the current concerns and will help you building link strategy for your business. People read and sometimes do leave comment on such forums which might be important for you. And if you feel same, don’t hesitate to even contact the user, he may help you explaining the same in detail which in turn will be a great help. At the same time, other users leaving their concerns and feedback reveal almost everything you needed. So keep a check on these web sites regularly.

Go Through Customer Review Sites

The customer review sites give useful information about chronic concerns consumers face plus other information which you might need to keep at the back of your mind while preparing link building ways. Once you have the data with you, try brainstorming with your office staff, include personnel you may never thought would help, who knows one can come up with an idea you never imagined before. An excellent link building idea is all about applying your research, thoughts, creativity into customer problems with all possible permutation and combinations.

5 Easy Ways to Enhance User Experience

IN: Web Design and usability

Any kind of web site you are going to set up, its layout and the design should be made by keeping end user in mind. Though optimizing it for search engines is important at any point of time, but you need to focus more on the user experience part, obviously, the web site exists for the user and to make their experience enjoyable, so it’s crucial you design it for them and not for you.

You might be visiting few web sites when you go online and some of them just simply do not make you feel good about it. It may be a layout of the whole web page which is uninteresting or the flow may be crisscross. So in order to keep them neat, informative and serving the purpose, there is not much you need to do instead some simple things you need to take care of which are easily ignored.

User Friendly Web Design

User Friendly Web Design

Clicking a Logo Would Take Me to Homepage

Everyone expects this whenever you are visiting any new web site. You tend to click on the logo of the web site and hope that it would take you back to the homepage of the website, but no! In such cases, you are going to opt one of these options:

  • Try clicking on the logo again thinking first time your mice had some problem
  • Look for a “Home” option on the page and click on it.
  • Close down that web site.

I think this is an essential part and you must associate the web site logo to the homepage and it does not take much time to do so. And its worth when we know users will like it and appreciate the web site for being user friendly.

Designing and Placing the Navigation Bar

There is lot when Navigation Bar needs to be designed, however, there could be one answer to it. We are used to and try to locate the nav bar at the top of the page just below the logo. However, there is no rule that you must have look-alike nav bar on your web site too. From designing the tab to type of menu options, you have complete independence on these choices but don’t over do things making overall customer experience a failure.

Another small useful tip is you must ensure that the tab the user is on must be highlighted in different theme or color. This is an indication to the user which page of the nav bar he is on.

Where is the Search Bar?

It makes me so amaze to find that many web sites do not have a search bar on them. Trust me your users will “Thank you” if you are going to put this option in your web site. There are others ways too which can help locating content on your site. One can add a list of contents and categorize them making it easier for user to click on their interest of help area.

Carving Links So That They Appear Link

You can easily make out a link on a web page but you may not easily on some web sites. A link is normally identifiable with a different color than the normal text of a page or it may be underlined denoting easily that it is clickable. Again, it’s going to be an excellent user experience when they find clickable items easily on the web page.

Splashing Welcome Notes and Feedback

Whenever I logon to any web site I have registered to, I feel good about my name displayed at the top with a welcome message. It gives personalized look and brings you and website closer to each other. Off course, this may not be of any use if the web site does not require you to register.

Next thing I am going to highlight is about the error you may see while filling up an online form for registration. And it’s really bugging when it does not tell you the reason for error you made inadvertently. You must help user explaining the whole registration process and give hints and suggestion box to rectify errors they might come across.

It’s always going to be the kind of user who will decide your site’s overall design. After all, there is a lot of difference between a real-estate site and teen’s site.

Choosing the Right CMS


This system, called as Content Management System is extremely helpful when you want to be able to manage content on your web site and let user’s manager their own without much expertise. Off course, you need to know what content of the web site you would like to see there but apart from that, this online application takes care of all your web site’s needs. There are some constraints to it like what type of web site you are looking for and the number of pages you wish, but except this, overall it is considered to be an important tool in these times. It has reduced the cost to build the web site drastically unlike in past where the owner has to spend a lot in creating one.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

There can different ways to narrow down your search for best CMS. And the best approach is to ask yourself, what is that thing you want to build website for? It can be an online forum, e-commerce site, a blog or web site with important content related to your business. And in case it’s about managing and to present a content, then CMS is your cup of tea. Other considerations are the investment you are going to make, the size of the web site and how you want to manage it. Plus, looking at the growth of these systems and popularity, some are available at cost while some are offered for even free.

Now when we come back to the question of choosing the right CMS it’s again going to be the product in question a deciding factor for CMS.  The system comes as an application/software so you need to look at the features of this software carefully to ensure using it would be hassle free.  The main purpose of CMS is allowing users to access change and publish content from a remote location in an easiest way. It must also keep a record of the contents published and modified by users in the most confinement way. Most preferred editor is WYSIWYG and to establish its usability you must test it first or else you can use HTML in case you decide not to use the earlier one. Be whatever you CMS select, you must make certain that working on that web site is comfortable for an end-user.

The templates on your web site should also be customizable like banners, animations with all required plug-ins. Plus, RSS feeds have become popular these days and are accessible on web sites with huge traffic and is a good option for your web site too. Since CMS comes as software, you must check if the one you have decided upon is compatible with your operating system and browser or not, if not, you will have to change your decision. And if you are going to make an e-commerce web site, you must choose a CRM tool that comes with CMS. It helps you record all users’ information easily. You might want to ask yourself the type of users visiting your web site in terms of language also. If it’s going to be multilingual customers, you get CMS that support languages you want. But then you might need to compromise on the features it is offering in all languages so decide what is more important to you. Also you should consider search engine optimization friendliness of the CMS you are going to choose.

Once you have taken down all considerations, there still going to be the actual size of web site which will determine the CMS you need. With so many CMS available in the market, there is still a probability that you may not get the right one for your web site and compromise with other. But if you find one, it’s really going to be a good experience for your users who would be able to manage their contents on your web site and so would you.

5 Most Common Errors of Online Marketing

IN: Online Marketing
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

The fact is many entrepreneurs have used the Internet market to gain more in their business and the fact is many of them have failed in doing so. In reality, there are many of them who did not even manage to keep their business running. Fortunately, you can use this information to avoid such failure and touch customers of your domain by far than anyone else. Here I am going to cite five critical errors pertaining to Online Marketing.

A product without a customer

It sounds so dumb when you have developed a product for someone but eventually you don’t know that “someone”. It can bring disaster to business which is still on your drawing board. You may have a product which you think is interesting but have you done an online market research to find if you have a customer for same?

You can easily perform an advertisement testing before you harden your plans to make one product. A novice would not have enough funds to resist, so he must do a product based keyword testing before investing time and money to begin. Advantage for such systematic approach is that you will have a queue of customers waiting outside for your product which is yet to be launched.

Hunt for Opportunity and Not Passion

In online marketing, the success does not knock at your door that easily. No matter how much homework you have done, you ought to see difficulties in getting the results. And this is a time when your patience will be tested and it’s only when your passion will keep you going. There is a stiff competition in Internet marketing so you need to keep yourself up to date on customers’ requirement, research strategy, changing product line. So in order to keep your commitment always high you must ensure that you are into the business you really love. So if you have decided to go with online marketing business you know which things you need to consider and provide yourself with the finest opportunity to excel.

Missing on Advertisement Costs

The most crucial expenditure you are going to have in an online marketing is that of advertisement. Unless you have advertised your product online, your customer will never get to know that it even exists irrespective of how good your product is. The concern is the high cost involved in advertisement methods like SEO, article marketing, pay-per-click and e-mail marketing. The only way you can ensure your marketing is cost effective is by strategic testing and consistently practice for your Internet marketing. There are tools available like Google analytics, Google Optimizer and others which tracks/test the browsing habits of customers you are aiming at.

Anticipating Sale on Day One

Once you have rolled out product in the market, forget you are going to make customer immediately.  To see a potential customer turning into purchasing customer you will need to have a list building approach also called as list building strategy which is considered to be a very crucial part in making an online business winning. Even if your web site has a good traffic, the probability is you are going to lose half of your customers in case you do not have a good e-mail marketing strategy which will connect them back to you after their visit at your web site. This creates necessity of having a marketing funnel which includes a plan for relationship building and viral marketing with your forecast.

Losing Focus

It’s the main factor in most failures seen by online entrepreneurs. If you are not focused you won’t be able to spend time and funds the right way. You will also miss on tracking your progress and improvement graph. If you are changing your method of marketing from e-mail marketing to PPC then this inconsistency is going to take your business down. If you feel you are too tried and do not have much interest in online marketing part, its time you seek assistance of online marketing company. This will give you time to work on other parts for your online business which are of your interests.

I will summarize by saying that you may be half way down setting up your online business or may be almost ready to hit the market, but it’s still a right time for an improvement. You will surely find these five common errors made by people like you and me, just try to find what area you need to work on and start fixing them.

How To Get The Attention Of Search Engines By Pinging Your Blog

IN: Blogging

So you have your own blog where you are posting new entries or updates on a regular basis. You may or may not be aware that blogging is considered to a very powerful tool of marketing as it can help in drawing plenty of targeted web visitors to your business website. On the other hand, simply creating a blog and posting entries to it is not enough because you need to enable the major search engines to find your blog. So how do you make the search engines find your blog? The answer is to make use of the right keywords and to ping your blog.

What does ‘pinging’ your blog mean?

In very simple words, pinging means letting the major search engines know that you have posted content on your blog. Do you know the real reason why the search engines love blogs? It is because of the fact that the blogs are updated on a regularly basis and they contain unique content.

Pinging is a great way to increase not just web traffic but also the popularity of your blog. To get the attention of the people that you want to check out your blog, you need to ping it so that the search engines can find your blog.

There are plenty of ways to ping your blog and perhaps the easiest way to do this is to make use of a service that pings websites without charging any money. Pingoat is a service that I would recommend if you are looking for a free pinging service. It is actually very simple to use this service as you just have to go to the website of Pingoat and then type the URL and name of your blog. Are you using XML feeds? If you are then you can fill the box, otherwise you can just let it be.

After this, you will be able to see the places where your blog will be pinged. If you do not know which ones to click, just click on ‘General’ and it will automatically check all the boxes for you. While it is true that you can check each site one at a time, you can save time by simply clicking on ‘General’.

If your blog is in English, then leave the subsequent section blank. You do not have to check the special services area right now.

After this, click on the ‘Go Pingoat’ button and then Pingoat will automatically inform all those services that new content has been added to your blog. After this, you will be notified that the website has been pinged.

One other site that is as effective as this site is Ping-O-Matic. You should keep in mind that you should not choose both the sites at a time because you can only choose one. If you opt for Pingoat then do not opt for Ping-O-Matic. If you choose both sites then your content will be pinged more than once and this is considered to be spamming.

Getting the attention of the major search engines is not a difficult task at all. These sites are free and they are considered to be excellent internet marketing tools with the help of which you can not just get your blog listed on the search engines, but also increase visitors to your website.