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SEO Services

Serpslogic™ offers you a wide range of Search engine optimization & Internet marketing services. We analyze your business needs and goals and devise a custom SEO program for your website to enhance its performance, produce real sales enquiries and ensure high conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization (On-page) Service

On-page SEO optimization is the first step towards website optimization. We will help you to determine whether your web site meets search engines’ standards and make & implement appropriate suggestions to help it court search engine attention effectively. Our optimization techniques not only make websites search engine friendly but also user friendly. Our successful on-page optimization techniques help in enhancing the visitor experience, ensuring high conversion rate for your website. Click to read more about our search engine optimization service.

Search Engine Marketing Service

Just having a great website is not enough. You need to market your web site to your potential customers. Serpslogic™ offers a wide range of comprehensive search engine marketing services to promote your site on the web. Serpslogic™ is able to offer website promotion services to small, medium as well as large business enterprises worldwide. Our team of SEM professionals uses latest search marketing trends and assesses website’s performance on all the various aspects of search engine marketing to elicit response from your target clients or audience. Click to read more about our search engine marketing service.

Pay per Click (PPC) Campaign Management Service

PPC campaign complements the search engine optimization process, when it comes to value addition to your business. A successful Pay per Click (PPC) campaign helps in brand building and fetching high returns on your investments. We at Serpslogic™ offer PPC Services that are targeted and cost-effective. We help you to place strategic bids and monitor your returns regularly, resulting in measurable results in terms of building brand presence and generating leads at a competitive ROI. Click to read more about our PPC campaign management service.

SEO Consulting Service

Many companies have in-house technical team and would prefer to use it to operate SEO/SEM process. Serpslogic™ offers a complete all-inclusive SEO Consulting plan to guide your team to achieve optimum results. We provide information on the search optimization process, and analyze your website based on SEO criteria. We evaluate its current SEO score and identify areas that need improvement. Subsequently, we will help you to chalk out a strategy that your team can implement to meet your business goals and fulfill your expectations from your website. Click to read more about our SEO consulting service.

SEO Friendly Web Design Service

SEO friendly web design is a fundamental block of successful web optimization and promotion strategy. It ensures that potential clients can find your web site and provides them a great experience once they arrive. Serpslogic™ now offers SEO friendly web design services to small and medium scale businesses in mainly US, UK and Australia. Click to read more about our SEO friendly web-design service.

SEO Copywriting Service

Content optimization is very important aspect in web promotion. Our SEO copywriting services provide easy to read, quality content crafted for both search engines and your prospects. Whether it’s about creating keywords-rich new pages or changing the existing content focus, we offer you full range of content development services to improve your web pages ranking in search engines. Click to read more about our SEO copywriting service.

Link Building Service

Link building campaign is crucial for the overall success of optimization strategy. Link from other web sites not only help rank higher in search engine result pages but also generate site traffic and often offer good sales leads. We help you link-up to relevant websites to increase the density of your network, which in turn ensures that you are among the top-rankers on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Since link building service is our specialty, we can help you reach higher rankings quickly. Click to read more about our link building services.

Social Media Optimization Service

Social media optimization (SMO) helps you drive traffic to your business website from sources other than search engines. By subscribing to our social media optimization service, you can employ social media such as community websites, blogs and online communities to generate publicity for your business. Our SMO experts keep a tab on your online presence and help to cultivate a positive image of your business through online networking arenas such as blogs, social bookmarking, and video and photo sharing websites. Click to read more about our SMO service.

SEO Training Service

Serpslogic™ offers online SEO training programs, where our SEO experts train individuals or company staff to operate and manage a successful website marketing program. We update them on the latest trends and business success strategies in the online marketplace. We provide a live classroom environment online and experts in respective domains will conduct various sessions. This package is suitable for individuals who want to make a niche in SEO/SEM arena as well as businesses who would like to train their staff to fulfill their specific business goals. Click to read more about our SEO training service.

Online Support Service

Our support services were initially started to complement our SEO/SEM projects however now we are able to provide these services separately. We understand that getting visitors to the web site in just not enough, conversion is the ultimate aim. Unless all the queries and doubts of a visitor are cleared, there is hardly any chance of him/her converting to a sales lead. However it’s not possible for all businesses to hire dedicated expert support staff. That’s exactly where come in picture; we provide chat and email support services, and allow companies to improve their sales and revenue while reducing costs. Click to read more about our online support services.
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