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CACHE - Cache is a temporary storage space where data is stored for quick retrieval or back-up purpose. When you visit a website, it’s temporarily stored in your system cache. Search engines keep a back-up of indexed pages in form of web cache so that in case the original page is unavailable due to some reason, visitors can still see what it looked like when it was last available.

CALL TO ACTION - It’s the marketing message that encourages users to act in some particular way such as buying a product or service, signing-up for the newsletter, registering on the website, requesting for a brochure etc. All of these activities relate to being sales prospectus eventually.

CGI-BIN - It’s a directory on the server where the executable CGI scripts exist. It performs the actual calculation and returns the result to HTML for display. These executable scripts can be written that confirm to this standard can be written in languages like perl, C/C++, or Python.

CLICK-DOWN AD Or CLICK-WITHIN AD - Click down ads are displayed as ad-on pages so that the user does not have to leave the current page. Click-within ads go a step further and allow the user to explore addition ad content.

CLOAKING - Clocking is a black hat SEO technique in which a page is shown differently to web crawlers than how it is shown to the searchers. The purpose of clocking is to get the page ranked for keywords for which it would not rank otherwise.

COLD FUSION - It’s a macromedia application intended to create web pages from a database. Pages created using Cold Fusion have ‘.cfm’ extension. It’s particularly useful for e-commerce websites where a large number of pages are to be created for catalogs.

CONVERSION RATE - It’s the percentage of online visitors that finally undergo conversion. Conversion may itself be defined as a sales-lead that eventually responds to the call to action. Conversion rate indicates the effectiveness and success of a sales process.

COOKIE - A text string that is stored on a user’s computer by the web browser. A cookie identifies session properties such as shopping cart contents etc.

COST PER CLICK (CPC) - It’s a payment model in PPC advertising system. It’s the amount of money that advertisers agree to pay corresponding to each click they receive on their ads.

COST PER LEAD (CPL) - CPL is the cost per sales lead generated. It’s an advertising model where an advertiser receives services of other companies, affiliates to generate sales lead.

COUNTER - Counters provide a insights about the number of times a web page is viewed.

CRAWLER - Crawlers are software that automates the process of web indexing. Crawlers visit the websites, retrieve the information and put it on the index of a search engine.

CASCADING STYLE SHEETS (CSS) - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a standard defined in HTML 4 for providing an easy means of styling HTML elements. It’s a kind of template, kept as an external file, which defines how a web page will be displayed. A single CSS file can be attached to any number of pages in a website.

CTA - CTA stands for content targeted advertising. It refers to the process of displaying PPC ads on web pages based on their content relevancy. Another term for it is contextual advertising.

CLICK THROUGH RATE (CTR) - It is the percentage of users who click on an ad to the number of impressions. If an ad is displayed 50 times and it generates 10 clicks then its CTR would be 20.

CUSTOM ERROR PAGE - It’s a feature offered by most web servers that allows the webmasters to replace an error page with a default page with some custom message. It’s useful in the way that the website in question does not lose the visitors, instead they can be directed to a similar section or prompted to perform a relevant search.

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