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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Glossary

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This section of our website is intended to provide a better understanding of SEO terms to online our visitors. Here you will find a comprehensive list of SEO related terms and definitions that sometimes leave you in a state of confusion. It would be quite understandable if you have some disagreement about some of the definitions, also due to our hectic schedules its not possible to update it /revise definitions on a frequent basis. We would certainly welcome your thoughts and suggestions in that regards.

Above the fold HTTP 401 Referrer
Absolute Link HTTP 403 Relevance
AdSense HTTP 404 Repeat Visitor
AdWords HTTP 410 Replica
Affiliate HTTP 500 Resubmitting
AJAX HTTP 501 Results (Organic Results)
Algorithm Hubs Robot
Alt Attribute Hyperlinks Robots.txt
Anchor Text IBL ROI - Return On Investment
Article Marketing Impression Run of Site (ROS)
Automated Submitting Index Scraper sites
Back links Inlinks Search engine marketing (SEM)
Beacon Insertion Order (I/O) Search engine optimization (SEO)
Beyond The Banner Internal Links Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
Bid management tools Internet Explorer Search engine
Bidding Internet Search term popularity
Black Hat SEO Interstitials Search term
Blog Inventory Session
Body copy Invisible Web Sniffer script
Bots IP Address Spam
Bridge page ISP - Internet Service Provider Spamdexing
Broad Match Java applets Spamming
Cache JavaScripts Spider
Call To Action Junk pages Splash Page
Cgi-bin Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Standards compliant
Click-down Ad or Click-within Ad Keyword density Static
Cloaking KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index Stemming
Cold Fusion Keyword popularity Stop character
Conversion rate Keyword research Stop Word
Cookie Keyword Stuffing Streaming media
Cost Per Click (CPC) Keyword/Keyphrase Submitting
Cost Per Lead (CPL) Keyword-rich Supplemental Pages
Counter Landing Page Syndication
Crawler Link bait Tagging, tags (see Bookmarks)
CSS Link building Target Audience
CTA Link Farm Taxonomy
CTR - Click Through Rate Link popularity Technorati
Custom error page Link spam Telnet
Date Refresh Links Text Link Ads
Database-driven Log file The Tragedy of the Commons
Daughter Window Machine-generated Theme
Deep submitting Manual submitting Thesaurus
Directory Meta Search Title Attribute
Doorway pages Meta tag stuffing Topic-Sensitive PageRank
Dynamic Rotation Meta tags Trackback
Dynamic website Mirror Tracking
Everflux Mode rewrite Trademark
Exact Match Mouseover Traffic Estimator
Exclusive Advertising MSN Traffic
Floating Ads Navigation bar (nav bar) TrustRank
Flux Negative Keyword Typepad
Forums Negative SEO Unethical SEO
Frames Noframes tag Unique visitors
Frequency On-theme Universe
GAP - Google Advertising Professional Organic Results URL Rewrite
Gateway Page Outbound links URL
Geo-Targeting Page title Usability
Google Analytics Pagejacking Usenet
Google bombing PageRank(PR) User agent
Google cache Pageviews User Generated Content
Google Checkout Paid inclusion User session
Google Dance Paid placement Visibility
Google Juice Pay-for-performance Visit
Google Supplemental Index Pay-per-click (PPC) Web browser
Google XML Sitemaps Pay-per-post(PPP) Web Crawler
Googlebot PFI Web standards
Googlewhack Phrase Match Web2.0
Grey Hat SEO Pop-under Web marketing
Hallway page Pop-up Website promotion
Heading tag Portal Weblog
Hidden Text - SEO Spam Tactic PPC White Hat SEO
Hijacking of Websites Pull-down list Wikipedia
Hits Query Wordpress
HTTP – Hypertext Markup Language Reciprocal linking Wordtracker
HTTP 301 Redirect Xenu
HTTP 302 Reciprocal link exchange XML
HTTP 400 Run of Site (ROS) Yahoo!
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