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LANDING PAGE - As the name suggest it a page visitors are intended to land on when they click on an entry in Google organic results or in sponsored listings for a particular keyword. Landing page are very important in converting a visitor to a qualified sales lead.

LINK BAIT - Link bait is a form of viral marketing in which a website uses some feature or content to create a buzz so that other website tend to connect to it. Link bait could be anything that appeals to the users.

LINK BUILDING - Link building is the process of generating back links for a website from other websites on the Internet. Various techniques are used to build links such as Article and PR marketing, submitting to various online directories, reciprocal link change, posting in various blogs and forums, and ad marketing etc.

LINK FARM - A link farm is a group of websites/web pages which are all hyperlinked to other website/ web pages in the group. Link farms are generally created using some software programs. The purpose of creating link farms is to inflate link popularity (PR) of the participating websites/ web pages. Link farms however are panelized by almost all search engines.

LINK POPULARITY - Link popularity is defined as the number of back links pointing back to a website. Link popularity is highly important in determining Google PR and search rankings. Various techniques such as article and PR marketing, blogs and forums submission, directory submission, bookmarking, and link exchange etc. are used by websites to build and increase their link popularity.

LINK SPAM - Link spamming is black hats SEO practice in which links are added to web pages exclusively for the purpose of extracting link juice from the source website. Mostly such links are out of context and are not based on merit.

LINKS - Links on a web page are URL reference of other web pages/websites on the net. Links provide interconnection among web pages.

LOG FILE - A log file is a file created by a web server which records details of all activities performed on the web server. The details include date and time of access, IP addresses of users, user’s id, file names accessed, user browser and software version and cookie data etc. Log file analysis is a means of analyzing visitor’s behavior to the site.

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