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MACHINE GENERATED - Machine generated pages are automatically generated pages with no useful content for the visitors. The purpose if machine generated pages is to affect a website ranking by increasing its page count.

MANUAL SUBMITTING - Manual submitting is the process of submitting a website to various search and engines and directories by hand. It’s recommended by various search engines.

META SEARCH - A Meta search is a special kind of search where user search query is sent to various other search engines and the results received are consolidated for user output. There are many Meta search engines available on the Internet. The benefit of Meta search is that users don’t have to use multiple search engines separately.

META TAG STUFFING - Using keywords which do not really relate to page content, as Meta tags is called Meta tag stuffing. It’s a bad practice and all search engines advise to abstain from it.

META TAGS - Meta-tags are HTML or XHTML Meta data used to provide additional information about web-page. Meta tags are placed in the head section of a HTML document. Almost all search engines use Meta data in deciding a web page ranking; for that reason meta tags are considered important in search engine optimization.

MIRROR - In web terminology a mirror website is an exact copy of an existing website. Search engines do not like mirror websites.

MODE REWRITE - It’s a method of rewriting static equivalent of dynamic web pages URLs. The aim is to make the URL look more user and search robot friendly by dropping some unnecessary parameters and session IDs. Etc. In SEO, it’s also used to put keywords in the URLs so that pages rank higher for the targeted keywords.

MOUSE OVER - it’s a property of a web page display element which defines the GUI event that occurs when mouse cursor is moved over it. The event could be like changing font color, font size or changing an image to another one.

MSN - MSN (The Microsoft Network) is a collection of Internet services provided by Microsoft.

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