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FLOATING ADS - Floating ads appear within the body of the browser; there are no pop-ups and pop-unders. Floating ads are adjusted in the browser body with the normal page content. Typically they appear on the top of a web-page and appear to be floating.

FLUX - Flux is a WYSIWYG Web design tool for Mac operating system. Although it features templates, it allows new page creation from scratch using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. The phenomenon of Everflux is also referred to as Flux in short form, sometimes.

FORUMS - A Forum is an online message board where people having similar interest meet and share information and opinion on trivial as well as advance issues. A forum is further divided into subcategories by entities called threads. A forum may or may not allow public access.

FRAMES - HTML frames allow a document to be shown in multiple views, which may be independent windows or sub-windows. With frames one than one HTML document can be displayed in a single browser window. The frame element does not have any textual content in itself. Browsers which do not support frames are likely to simply skip over them. For these reasons frames are not considered good in search engine optimization.

FREQUENCY - Frequency simply refers to number of occurrences in a given time or context. In SEO terminology it generally means the frequency of occurrence of a keyword within the body of a web page. It’s also called ‘Keyword density’. Although there is no any fix rule about it, keyword density of 5-8 % is considered to be good for most search engines.

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