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ABOVE THE FOLD - The section of a webpage that is displayed without having to scroll is called ‘above the fold’ area. An ‘above the fold’ item is supposed to attract more attention, and it’s normally the upper half of the page.

ABSOLUTE LINK - An Absolute link is a fully qualified URL that includes:

  • The transfer protocol: http://
  • Domain name: e. g.
  • And the file name: e.g. mypage.html

ADSENSE - Adsense is Google’s contextual advertising program for website owners who want to display ads on their websites. Websites owners can participate in Adsense and display ads on their web sites and generate revenue. It’s one of the internet marketing models.

ADWORDS - Adwords is Google Advertising program for website owners who want to advertise their product or service on a Pay per Click basis. It’s the just opposite of Google Adsense program. There are various models which advertisers can choose to pay for their marketing.

AFFILIATE - Its one of the Internet marketing models in which a website uses the services of other websites, individual marketers, and networks to build traffic to its own website. Affiliate programs allow websites and individuals marketers to participate in advertising for product or service of the merchant company, and in exchange the company pays them a percentage on each sale. It differs from other marketing models in the way it employs larger number of lead generating sources however affiliate then use the regular internet marketing methods.

AJAX (ASYNCHRONOUS JAVASCRIPT + XML) - Ajax is a new technique for creating interactive web applications or rich Internet applications. Ajax is applied on client side. Using Ajax, a JavaScript can directly perform data transfer with the server without having to disturb the display of the existing page or reloading it. It offers ability to create interactive animations and better quality web services.

ALGORITHM - An Algorithm is a sequence of steps to be performed to accomplish a task or solve a problem. Search engine algorithms can be defined as their unique way of ranking web pages based on a pre-defined set of parameters, with varying degree of importance assigned to each. Search engine keep changing their algorithms every 2-3 months, so that it cannot be predicted and quality of organic search results is maintained.

ALT ATTRIBUTE - The Alt attribute is used in HTML, within the image tag element. It defines the alternative text /label for the image. If a browser fails to load the image or visitors choose not to display images, the alternative text is displayed, in its place. Using an ALT tag helps text browsers, screen readers, visually impaired, and search engines to understand the function of an image.

ANCHOR TEXT - Anchor text is actual text corresponding to a hyperlink that is displayed on a webpage. Anchor text is considered an important ranking factor by all major search engines.

ARTICLE MARKETING - Article marketing is one of the oldest practices used for online promotion or a product or service. In article marketing, businesses write short article about their service, product or industry and distribute it online. Generally the writer provides a way to linking back to the merchant website for increasing its online presence...Click to read more about article marketing.

AUTOMATED SUBMITTING - It’s the process of submitting web pages to search engines using automated software such as WebPosition Gold.

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