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PAGE TITLE - Page title, as the name suggests is the title of a web page. Its displayed on the blue bar on the top on a browser window. Page title is important from SEO point of view. Other website links to a site using the page title information unless explicitly specified. When a website is proposed for submission in an online directory, title information is needed. In search results, web pages are listed using their title and description tag information.

PAGEJACKING - Pagejacking is short form of the term Page hijacking. It is the process in which the content of a highly ranked page is copied and placed on another website in order to increase its rankings. It causes duplicate content issue. Search engines have now discovered advanced methods of distinguishing original content from duplicate contents so the term is rather outdated.

PAGE RANK(PR) - Page rank is a numerical value assigned to web pages individually by Google. It’s a trademark of Google. Google claims that Page Rank is calculated using more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Page Rank is one of the more than 200 signals that Google uses to rank a page in search results. The Page Rank algorithm is patended by Google.

PAGEVIEWS - A page view is a request to load and view a web page. In simpler terms Page views equals to the number of times your WebPages are viewed.

PAID INCLUSION - Paid inclusion means paying for inclusion in a directory index or search index. Yahoo directory is one very good example of paid inclusion practices. They charge $299 recurring annual fee for inclusion in the directory.

PAID PLACEMENT - When a site gets listing in search results by paying fee, it’s called paid placement. Some search engines like Google do not offer placements while some others do.

PAY-For-PERFORMANCE - It’s a motivational concept followed by most companies now a days. It’s an arrangement where employees get extra compensation for meeting set targets and deadlines.

PAY-Per-CLICK(PPC) - It’s an advertising model where advertisers pay search engines on per click basis for showing their ads and promotional content. More the number of clicks an ad receives more is the amount the advertiser pays.

PAY Per POST(PPP) - It’s an advertising model where advertisers pay search engines based on the number of times their ads are shown in response to a search query.

PFI - Stands for ‘Pay for Inclusion’ is almost same as ‘Paid Inclusion’.

PHRASE MATCH - It is one of the keyword matching options when a search is performed. When ‘Phrase Match’ option is selected, all of the results shown include the exact phrase specified in the quotation marks.

POP-UNDER - Pop-unders are generally ads that display a new window behind the current browser window.

POP-UP - Pop-ups are generally ads that display a new window above the current browser window.

PORTAL - A portal is a interactive website where users can see different results based on the inputs provided. Portals generally offer multiple services emails, blogs, forums, newsletters etc.

PPC - Same as ‘Pay-per-Click’.

PULL Down LIST - A drop down list with pre-specified options like a menu is a pull down list.

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