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KEYWORD PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPIs) - Key performance indicators are benchmarks, goals or targets set by an organization towards measuring the success percentage of a campaign, and its own performance. KPIs could be financial as well as non-financial metrics.

KEYWORD DENSITY - Keyword density is a measure of keyword relevancy in a given block of text. It defines how frequently a keyword or key phrase appears in a web page text. Although there is not a certain standard, a keyword density of 5% – 8% is considered to be good, generally.

KEI - An acronym for Keyword effectiveness index, is defined as the ratio of number of searches performed for a keyword and the number of result web page for it. Larger is the KEI for a term, more effective it is.

KEYWORD POPULARITY - Keyword popularity can be simply defined as the number of searches performed for a keyword/ key phrase in a given period of time.

KEYWORD RESEARCH - Keyword research is the process of finding best keywords for a web site which can bring it maximum traffic and actual sales leads. There are a lot of tools available freely as well as paid services, in the market which can be used for keyword research. For further details, please visit our keyword research section.

KEYWORD STUFFING - Keyword stuffing is an unethical search engine optimization practice in which a keyword phrase is used excessively on a web-page to affect its search engine rankings. Since excessive use of a keyword can break the flow of text, other spamming techniques (such as hidden text, 0 font size etc.) are used to cover for it.

KEYWORD/KEY PHRASE - A keyword or key phrase (made of 2 or more words) is a search term with high keyword popularity. Good keywords have high keyword popularity, less competition and higher conversion rates.

KEYWORD RICH - Efficient use of keywords and key phrases in the textual content of a web page produces keyword rich content.

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