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NAVIGATION BAR (NAV BAR) - Navigation bar, as the name suggest is meant to facilitate navigation across the pages of a website. It could be in form of graphical icons or textual hyperlinks. Normally a navigation bar is shown along the edges of the sides.

NEGATIVE KEYWORD - A negative keyword is used to exclude a particular meaning reference of a word in search results. For instance if your keyword is flowers and you use -roses as the negative keyword, your ad will not appear when a user searches for red flowers.

NEGATIVE SEO - Negative SEO is something that could cause a web page or website to go further down in SERPs (search engine result pages). Black hat SEO techniques can also be termed as negative SEO.

NOFRAMES TAG - A noframes tag is used for browsers which cannot handle frames. The NoFrames tag is specifically used for search engines that cannot read the actual pages in your frame set. Search engines are able to read and index content using noframes tags which is inaccessible otherwise.

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