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IBL - IBL stands for in-bound links. These are same as back-links.

IMPRESSION - In paid marketing impression defines the number of times an ad is displayed for its keyword match. Marketers have the option to pay on per click or per impression basis.

INDEX - An index is a listing of word or phrases which connects to a more detailed version of corresponding information. In search terminology, index refers to the database of URLs on the web. All search engines keep and maintain an index of web pages for fast retrieval of information.

IN-LINKS - Same as in-bound links or back-links.

INSERTION ORDER (I/O) - It’s a printed document or contract that mentions date, time and other details of an advertising campaign. This contract is between the advertiser and the ad-publisher.

INTERNAL LINKS - The links that a web-page gets from other pages within the same web site are called internal links. Internal links facilitate site navigation, pages accessibility and the indexing of web pages. In addition, good internal linking contributes in providing in great user experience.

INTERNET EXPLORER - Internet explorer is the most widely used web browser till date. It’s a product of Microsoft and it comes bundled with all windows operating systems.

INTERNET - Internet is the largest computer network comprising of thousands of other networks and the World Wide Web. All these computers are connected together to communicate and share date and information.

INTERSTITIALS - Interstitials are web pages which load between the intended actual content pages. These pages could be meant to asking for some permission, participate in online survey, offering some suggestions to the users etc.

INVENTORY - In web marketing inventory is defined as the availability of ad-marketing space on a web site. Generally it’s stated in terms of number of impressions.

INVISIBLE WEB - Refers to the vast amount of information on the web which is not accessible to search engines. It’s believed that the invisible web is several times bigger than the surface web which is accessible to search engines.

IP ADDRESS - It’s a 32 bit number consisting of 4 parts separated by dots. Each part contains an 8 bit number. IP address uniquely identifies all devices on the Internet.

ISP - It’s an acronym for Internet Service Provider. It’s a company that offers internet access to customers. Depending upon the speed of connection line Internet Service Providers offer different kind of Internet access to users. The most common type of internet connection is broadband.

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