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RECIPROCAL LINKING - Mutually exchanging links for potential benefits in search engine rankings is termed as reciprocal linking. As quality if not a criteria, this sort of linking is not much appreciated by most search engines. However selective reciprocal linking can have some benefit.

REDIRECT - When a web page is required to forward visitors to another web page, a redirect is required. The new destination could be located on the same domain, sub-domain or on a totally different one. Various kinds of redirects exist depending on the programming interface.

RECIPROCAL LINK EXCHANGE - Similar to reciprocal linking.

RUN OF SITE (ROS) - In a ‘Run of Site’ ad placement, ads can be displayed on any page on the website irrespective of the target page relevancy. It’s a kind of advertising package where ads are rotated across all the pages of a website.

REFERRER - The term ‘referrer’ is used to identify the URL that sends a visitor to your website. Analyzing the referrer URL can give you some valuable insights.

RELEVANCE - The term relevance is used to describe the degree of similarity between 2 data points. In simpler words it’s an expression of similarity between 2 things.

REPEAT VISITOR - A repeat visitor is someone who comes to your website for a second time.

REPLICA - In web terminology, replica of a URL means its absolute copy. Duplicate content is never appreciated so it’s something to abstain from.

RESUBMITTING - The process of reapplying listing in a search engine/directory is called resubmitting. Sometimes when a website evaluation is doubted, the webmaster of that site can initiate the resubmitting process.

RESULTS - The listing of URLs that appears when a search is made is casually termed as ‘Results’. The exact term is ‘Search Results’.

ROBOT - In web terminology, Robots are software programs which automatically scan & index web pages from the web (WWW). Search engine robots follow a set of rules known as search engine algorithm to rank web pages based on a predefined set of criteria.

ROBOTS.TXT - It’s a text file used to control the indexing of web pages of a website by various search engine robots. A specific file, directory or entire website can be prevented from spiders access using robots.txt file.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT - Abbreviated as ROI, return on investment can be defined as the relative percentage of profit an investment generates. ROI measures the overall effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

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